Our guide to all forms of gambling continues with 5 major gambling facts you might not know.

1. There are three common types of gambling: Professional gambling, Social gambling, and Addictive gambling. It is important to realise that only a very select, lucky few manage to make a lucrative income from gambling alone.

2. Sixty-eight percent of gambling fans, prefer slot machines, as opposed to table games. Knowing this, one could determine odds of winning big (or not so big) while picking the right game to bet on.

3. Las Vegas isn’t the only place that allows gambling in the US. Forty-eight states in the US have at least one form of legalized gambling. Bad news if you’re in Hawaii or Utah.

4. Gambling generates more money in the United States, than movies, theme parks, and the music industry, combined. On a negative note, however, Las Vegas tourists lose an estimated six billion dollars per year to gaming.

5. Indian Gaming is the fastest growing industry in the entire world, generating more than twenty-seven billion dollars per year.

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