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Poker Don’t play video poker without knowing the top 5 mistakes players often make. Poker is a skilled game. Every mistake you make will cost you. Avoid the dreaded top 5 mistakes of video poker.

Mistake #1: Not understanding basic video poker strategy.
Although you might have played home poker games for decades, that doesn’t necessary mean that you understand basic strategy for video poker. Buy a book on video poker or find a basic strategy chart online. If you’re afraid you’ll forget easily, print out a chart of basic strategy to carry this into the casino or keep as a handy reference for online play.

Mistake #2: Playing too quickly.
If you know basic strategy, you absolutely must use this strategy without any errors. This is definitely easier said than done. After playing video poker for several hours, even the most careful players will make a mistake here or there. The minor mistakes are no big deal, but throwing away a winning hand by accident will quickly deplete your bankroll.

Mistake #3: Selecting the wrong games.
Make sure that you find the best payout games/machines. Shop around for machines before you sink your hard earned bankroll into it. Don’t just take the first available video poker game if the payout is not ideal.

Mistake #4: Playing games that you can’t afford.
Bankroll swings are common for video poker. However, if you play games that you cannot afford, then your bankroll will not be able to support a tough short-term loss. Don’t play beyond your means.

Mistake #5: Playing video poker when tired.
Gambling is no longer fun when you’re tired. Get enough rest and play while you are alert.

If you avoid the top 5 mistakes video poker players make, you’ll be well on your way to success. Play fun and easy video poker games on your mobile phone with mFortune, mBet, WinAsUGo, Kerching Mobile and 32Red Mobile.

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