Aces Royal The reason Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world is it is so easy to play. You place your bet where you want, and hope you win the spin.

But being a simple game doesn’t make it easy to win unless you have a good strategy. You can try this strategy on the Roulette wheel at Aces Royal, mFortune and Ventury Games.

This common roulette strategy is simple to understand and follow. But you must follow it consistently and completely. All you have to do is double your bet when you lose. Sounds crazy? It isn’t. Let’s assume you have £20 to play with and will be betting £2 per round.

Aces Royal Round one, you bet £2 on red. If red wins, congratulations. You now have £4 in front of you. Thank the roulette wheel and bet the same again. If black wins you’re left with £18.

Now shrug it off and bet £4 this time. If black wins again, don’t quit or switch your colour. Just go up to £8. Now you have £10 in your bankroll. But if red wins now you get £16. That puts you at £26 total, and you’ve come out on top.

See how easy that is? Obviously you’d want to use this strategy with more than £20, but the rules are always the same. The reason people don’t always win with this common roulette strategy is they get scared and lower their bets or change colour.

Stick with it and you will be a winner in the long run.

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