Ideal Mobile Phone So you’re a keen mobile gambler and you’re thinking of buying a new phone for yourself?

If you want the best handset for the job there are a few things to take into account. What exactly makes a good gambling phone? Well, you want a fast phone with a decent amount of storage space, and a nice bright comfortably sized screen (who wants to squint to read the menu?).

It needs to be comfortable for extended periods of play: you don’t want hand cramps from gripping a phone that’s too small for your hand. Trust me, try playing LadyLuck’s Bingo for 30 mins on a tiny phone like a Nokia 6100 — avoid them unless you have tiny hands to match.

Don’t forget the device you choose will of course be used as a phone too, so you need to choose something that covers those needs too. Go into a couple of stores and actually hold the dummy phones in your hand. If you have large hands something like a Nokia E61, N95/96 or a Samsung D900 will be a good size, but as long as you don’t choose a tiny phone you’ll be fine.

This is also good advice when it comes to screen size and features. Tiny phones have tiny screens and not much room for memory or a battery that’ll handle prolonged playing.