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Mobile Baccarat There are some terms to know before playing baccarat. You should also learn the basics of playing baccarat and some simple baccarat strategy.

Banker bet – betting that the dealer will win the hand. This does not refer to the house, but to the second dealt hand.

Player bet – betting that the player will win the hand. This refers to the first dealt hand, not to a specific player.

Natural – a hand totalling 8 or 9 on the initial deal. If player or banker draws a natural no more cards are dealt.

Standoff – indicates the banker and player have a tied hand. A bet on a tie pays at 8 to 1 odds. A bet placed on either the banker or the player remains in place until the next hand.

Shoe/Palette – the tools of the game. Cards are dealt from the shoe. The palette is tool, usually made of wood, used to move the cards once dealt.

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