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Mobile Craps Before you sit down and start betting on a Craps game it helps to know what all the different terminology used in the game is. While it will take some time to learn all of the different Craps terms, there are some common ones that you can learn right away.

Learning some basic Craps terms will help you to make your bets clearly without any confusion between you and the table.

The line. This is the number that the player sets and rolls to win. If you bet the line, you are betting that the player will win out. If you do not bet the line, you are betting that they will crap out. Each has about even odds with the house taking advantage in how the first roll goes into the second. It is considered generally bad form to bet against the line.

Hard way. To get a number the hard way both dice must match. For example, an eight the hard way is two fours. A five and a three, six and a two would not win your bet.

Come out roll. This is the first roll in a game of Craps. This is the roll that is used to set the point that the dice thrower needs to hit to win.

On the stick. The dealer who is handling the stick for the dice is considered to be On the stick, those that are not are On Base.

These are just some of the terms that you will need to know in order to play craps. You should also learn about Craps odds and some simple Craps strategy. You should also be aware of some typical Craps cheats.