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Bingo is a popular game used by churches and other community organisations to raise money on a weekly basis. When you head out to enjoy an evening of Bingo you will want to follow some basic rules of etiquette that will allow you and those around you to have a good time.

The biggest Bingo etiquette rule is when you win do not rub it in to the people around you. Some Bingo players are extremely passionate about the game and they are playing to win. When you win, and they lose, they do not want to hear it so when you win be humble and take your winnings with a smile.

If you intend on using a lot of game cards and specials try and arrive early so that you can lay out your game cards and let everyone know how much room you will be taking up.

It can be an uncomfortable situation if you show up late and then proceed to force everyone around you to readjust their boards to accommodate yours. Get there early and establish your territory early so that there are no problems later in the evening.

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