Bingo has been a popular pass time in the UK for many decades now. From the massive bingo halls scattered all over the country to online bingo and now the latest trend — mobile bingo.

Bingo Moves With The Times

You’ve probably noticed that traditional Bingo halls in the UK have become less popular over the last few years. The main reason for this was the internet — when bingo fans realised they could enjoy a great game of bingo online in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, online bingo really went crazy.

But now Bingo is taking yet another step forward. With mobile phones getting more powerful, the latest trend is mobile bingo. Now you can literally play bingo anywhere — while at a bus stop, in your living room, on the toilet, or where ever you choose.

There are several excellent mobile bingo services you can try for free, some of them even give you free cash to play with:

Foxy Bingo Mobile – Foxy Bingo can now be played on your mobile with a completely free £5 bonus offer.

LadyLucks Bingo – You get to play bingo on your mobile and chat with players in a chat room!

Mecca Mobile Bingo – The biggest name in Bingo has just landed on your mobile phone!

Learn more about our 3 favourite mobile bingo games.

So from bingo halls to playing on your mobile, Bingo has come a long way!