Mobile phone bingo is the latest innovation to take the bingo world by storm. Yes, you can now play bingo through your mobile phone for real money jackpots.

While many toss aside the notion of bingo strategy, a player gains a definite edge when they realize that even a game with this degree of luck and chance involved has important strategic decisions in play. Some employ common bingo strategy without even realizing it.

If you want more bingo winnings, you have to get smarter about your strategy.

Begin with your knowledge of the game itself. Understand the rules, understand the individual games being played. If you aren’t sure about the layout you need to win, you certainly don’t stand a chance. Refresh your bank of layouts so you know the important ones to cover and what to ignore.

Make sure you are prepared. You can have all the knowledge of bingo one mind can hold and without preparation walk away empty. You need to bring twice the daubers you think you will need. If possible, bring about ten so that you know you have what you need.

Stay focused. When you come knowledgeable and you come prepared, you don’t need to pay attention to anything else. Bingo winners are those you pay attention and pay good attention.

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Socialize strategically. Either focus and keep your mouth closed, or distract other players with your friendly chatter. Don’t act a nuisance but rather intrigue those who surround you, and you gain a competitive edge.

When you know your cards, have your daubers, and you are ready to focus, you must begin with enough cards to win. Play 9 or more cards if you can, and arrange them in a equal layout.

As you play, quickly scan every line through every card that applies. Again, know the layout and which numbers are under which heading.

Let others think there are no strategies, and use your skills to gain an edge and win more at mobile phone bingo!