Aces Royal Blackjack is a fun game, but many people find that they are losing money due to what is known as the “edge.” So what is this “edge,” anyway? The edge is the benefit the house has over the player, because they are dealing the cards, and the game is inherently set to favour them.

There are many factors that effect the edge of a Blackjack game. The primary one is how the casino chooses to pay out winning hands. Since blackjack is basically betting one hand against another, all casinos have to do to have a favourable edge is ensure that the money they hand out for winning bets is less than they take back for winning bets.

Aces Royal Let’s say, for example, that there was a 50/50 chance of winning a Blackjack hand, and that a player had put a £10 bet on the table. If they won and kept their original £10 plus an additional £9.50, that would mean that the casino had an edge of 5%, because the player had a 50% chance of winning but only walked away with a win worth 95% of his potential loss.

It is also possible to adjust the edge in a Blackjack game by having more than one deck, which increases the odds of getting a Blackjack. While players might think this is good, more Blackjacks will always favour the house because in the event of a tie they don’t lose and when they win, they pay out less than they take in when they lose. Learn more about blackjack strategy.

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