Blackjack provides the player the best opportunity in the casino to become a winner (or at least to break even). To get these odds, you don’t need to be a MIT mathematician who can count cards.

Aces Royal

Counting cards will greatly improve your blackjack odds but just using a basic strategy will improve your chances. Even if using basic strategy, blackjack odds depend on the rules of the casino where you are playing.

Some casinos allow you to double down after splitting a pair. This improves the player’s blackjack odds. Generally, blackjack odds favour the casino but by as little as 0.5%.

Aces Royal However, the player has one big advantage that the casino does not. When the cards are hot, the player can bet more. When the cards are cold, the player can bet less or walk away.

Remember, don’t try to guess what card the dealer will get, play basic strategy or learn to count cards and you will find blackjack provides the best odds in the casino.

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