Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and can be played on many mobile casinos. Master your Blackjack strategy to maximise your chances of winning.

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There are many complex strategies that can be learned to improve your odds when playing the casino game of blackjack. This article, however, aims to list some common blackjack strategies to improve the game of the casual blackjack player. You can beat the Blackjack edge.

These are simple guidelines to keep in mind when sitting down at a table in the hopes of hitting a string of twenty-ones.

First of all, always consider the dealer’s showing hand when making decisions and not only your own hand. Even if you have low cards, the dealer may possibly have what is called a “bust hand”. This means there is a high probability the cards in the dealer’s hand are likely to result in a sum over the winning number of twenty-one.

Aces Royal If you are holding eleven or less, always draw a card. If you are holding seventeen or higher, always stand.

If you are dealt two cards of the same value, you may “split” the cards and play two hands. Always split when you have a pair of aces or a pair of eights. Never, however, split when you have a pair of tens or a pair of fives. Split only when the dealer holds a four, five, or six in all other situations. If the dealer’s card is higher than a six do not split. You will need to draw or stand.

If you have a hand that requires only one more card to acquire a winning hand, you may double your bet and get only one additional card. You may only choose this option on the first two cards or, depending on the rules of the black jack table, on the first two cards after splitting.

Double only if you hold an eleven and if the dealer is holding cards from two to ten. Also double if you hold a ten and the dealer is holding cards from two to nine. It’s also a good idea to double if you are holding a nine and the dealer holds a three, four, five, or six card.