The quickest way to lose any Blackjack game is to not understand the commonly used or popular Blackjack terminology. Naturally if you don’t know what a term in game play means, its far more difficult to play at all, let alone win.

Aces Royal

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The first term you will always run across while playing Blackjack is “Hit“. To hit means to draw more cards into your hand.

Another very common term used in Blackjack is to “Stay“. To stay means to not draw cards, but stay with what you’ve already been dealt. To stay is also sometimes referred to as “Stick“.

If you fail to stay in time you may run into another term, “Bust“. To bust means you’ve exceeded 21 and hence lost the hand. If you stay before going over 21 but tie with the dealer this is referred to as a “Push“.

Aces Royal While stay, hit, push and bust are almost always used in Blackjack there are a few less popular Blackjack terminologies that may not be present in every game such as:

Double Down – To double down means to double ones wager or bet on a hand. When doubling down you may only draw one more card into your hand.

Split - A split can be preformed when you have a pair (Example: two Kings). This term means to split the cards and play two hands against the dealer, which also doubles ones bet.

Black Jack - When two cards drawn equal 21.

Though you may run into all sorts of slang terminology while playing Blackjack, these are the most popular used today.

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