Are you new to mobile gambling? Or maybe you are an existing player looking for something new to tickle your fancy? Here’s what’s on offer.

The mobile gambling games on the market tend to fall into three main types: 1. Arcade games; 2. Casino games; 3. Bingo.

1. By Arcade games we don’t mean space invaders or shoot ‘em ups. We mean the sort of slots games you find in pubs, beach side arcades, and yes even casinos, but they are special enough to have their own category.

The mobile versions are fast-paced close approximations of the real thing with the benefit that you can play them where ever you are. Don’t fancy standing up in front of a machine? You don’t have to. Sit where you like or lie down if the mood takes you. You get the same reel-spinning suspense, feature games, and familiar fruits and symbols whether you are on the bus or sat in front of the telly. These games have variations to keep you entertained and give you a wide choice of gameplay. For example, some are singleline win, some multiline. Some pay out regularly and keep you interested with a little perk to your day while others take some work but pay out big in the end. Try a couple – you’re bound to find one that suits you.

2. By Casino games we’re talking about all the old favourites like Blackjack, Poker, and of course Roulette. Different providers offer you a different number of variations of these games but all are based on the games you know and love from the casino. You can chance your luck against the dealer or lay out a multitude of bets on full-sized roulette tables with all the bets you’d expect to find on the real thing.

3. Bingo, in a class of its own, is extremely popular at the moment. All the offerings so far seem to be what we would call a passive game: that is, once you have your cards you don’t have to scrabble around your phones keys desperately trying to view and dab your numbers. The games autoplay so you can relax and enjoy them, but you still get the same excitement and payouts as the real thing. With some offerings you play against the computer whereas with others you play against real, live players. You get a short countdown to give everyone chance to join the game and then it’s eyes down. There are 75 ball and 90 ball versions available and you can choose to play one or two cards or a whole load of them.

Remember these games are offered for free so there’s no harm in trying a few until you find the games that suit you.