Texas Hold’em is a game of skill and the player who makes the right moves at the right time is most likely to win the cash. Poker has made it onto our mobile phones thanks to AcesRoyal and bwin mobile – but what strategy will you use?

There are more Texas Hold’em strategy guides out there than you can place bets on. Perhaps one of the most important one is bankroll management. Any poker player must expect a bad run of cards every now and again.

Playing at certain limits so the you don’t lose all of your bankroll is bankroll management in a nut shell. When the players want to cover the variances in the poker game the bankroll helps them absorb the down swings of the cards.

Another strategy is to be watching all of your opponents. Gather all the information you can by watching the hands you are not in. If you are involved in the first hand, you can look first to the size of the other players stacks. This can tell you who is a serious/solid player and who is not.

Every cash game has a maximum buy in and players who will be strong players usually have stacks well above the max. Players who may be weak will have a stack that is substantially lower.

These strategies are merely suggestions and may not always point you to the strongest players or may not always see you through but they will give you an edge to start with and you will make up some of your own as you gain more experience playing the game.