Pay by Phone Bill Not all mobile poker games are real multiplayer poker services – some of them put you up against computer players.

There is a huge difference in strategy between sitting at a table and playing poker with live human being and playing against video/computer players.

The first rule of video poker strategy is do not get hooked on the same poker game. Playing the same poker game for hours on end is not a good idea, it is best to play in short bursts and to play on different services too.

Winning against a poker bot is much more likely if played in moderation.

Imagine the poker machine as a 5-year-old that knows the basic rules of poker. So to win, all you have to remember is that if you are dealt a poor hand fold. A low pair will not win. A high pair is very risky.

Keep folding until you are dealt a power hand and you should be good to go. Two pairs will often win — especially if one of them is high.

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These are the hands that most often beat the machine: Three of a kind (especially high cards), high straits, any flush. A full house or a higher hand will almost always win.

If you would rather play poker against real players then we recommend Aces Royal and bwin mobile as the best mobile poker services available in the UK.