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Mobile Craps The dice game of Craps is a game that cheating is prevalent in, and it is important to know the different ways people cheat so the player is not cheated, and so if one wishes to cheat, they will be able to do so more easily.

There are three basic types of cheating in Craps: chip theft, late bets, and altered dice, all of which are easy to stop or commit if the process is examined.

Chip Theft

Chip theft is the most common type of cheating in Craps because it requires no extra materials and is relatively low risk. Craps tends to be a high energy game, and when players begin to win more and more money, the excitement grows and players lose sight of their chips, they are then stolen by an observant thief.

Late Bets

Late bets also stem from the excitement of the game and the distraction of the players. With this cheat, players will place chips on a winning spot after the dice have been cast while the players are celebrating, then collecting the winnings. This type of cheating is less common because it is easy to be caught by an observant dealer.

Altered Dice

This cheat is the hardest to commit but hard to catch if the dice are switched out without the dealer knowing. With this cheat the player will switch out the dice the dealer supplies with a set that has been altered to land on certain numbers more often. Players will then place bets on the more common numbers.

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