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Craps is a fun game that revolves around rolls of the dice and winning big. It’s widely considered to be one of the more interesting, action-packed games since the use of dice means that “runs” of luck can come and go on a whim, enriching or wiping out a player in just a few rolls.

Learn A Basic Craps Strategy
Because of this, it’s important for craps players to come in with a good strategy. Craps is purely a game of odds, and thus it’s necessary to simply put one’s money on the table and hope for the best. There isn’t a lot of luck or skill involved, and so it is necessary to simply be patient and ride out one or two numbers and learn to walk away when a certain amount is lost.

The best way to go is to select one or two numbers (usually sixes and eights) near the seven so that odds are good that you will tend to win. Then create a bank of the amount of money you are willing to lose.

Whenever you make a bet, bet from the bank, and continue betting from the bank until it is depleted, setting the winnings aside and keeping them. This will mitigate the loss and ensure that the gambling goes on for a set number of rolls, with wins of any size being pocketed. When the bank gets low, it’s time to squander what’s left on very high or very low rolls and go for the big win.

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