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Poker When one looks at the history of the World Poker Tour a few great names stand out. The one that outshines them all is Daniel Negreanu, or “Kid Poker.”

Daniel Negreanu is the all time earnings leader for the WPT with over five and half million in earnings. Daniel comes from a humble background. He began his poker career at age 21 when he ventured out to Las Vegas with his first bank roll. Unfortunately he was forced to return to Canada broke looking to form a new one.

This set back may have been fortuitous as Daniel Negreanu returned to Las Vegas driven and committed. A year after his return he donned his first World Series of Poker bracelet and was the youngest player to win this event. This moment catapulted Daniel to the top and he has not looked back since.

Today Daniel Negreanu lists among his accomplishments three WSOP bracelets, over two dozen cashes, and is currently the number one ranked player on the World Poker Tour. Daniel is also one of the most likeable and charismatic poker players on the tour. There is practically no one who thinks poorly of David.

But do not let his boyish looks and relaxed attitude fool you, at the table he is an absolute shark. Any game he enters he has a chance to win and he is one of the most feared and respected poker players in the world.

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