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Poker One of the biggest online poker winners on today’s scene is David Benyamine. Benyamine is a French native who now resides in Nevada, USA. He is engaged to Erica Schoenberg, a fellow professional poker player.

Benyamine learned how to play poker at the age of twelve, and immediately had quite a knack for it. His talent brought him to the United States, where due to a misunderstanding with immigrations, he was deported back to his native country; his name was similar to one found on the terrorist watch list.

David Benyamine then had an issue regarding a work permit, but eventually straightened everything out and was able to move to the United States permanently to pursue his poker dreams.

Benyamine used to routinely played high-stakes poker under his own name on the Fill Tilt Poker website, and had many successful wins on the site. He was even sponsored by the popular website for some time. More recently, Benyamine plays online poker under the screen name “MR B 2 U SON” and continues his winning poker ways.

As of 2008, Benyamine’s total live tournament winnings total over $3,100,000. His largest single win was at the 2008 Bellagio Cup, where he took home $840,295. Benyamine will certainly continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the online poker world.

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