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Mobile Poker There are many famous gamblers from the UK but without a doubt the most colourful and well known right now is Dave Ulliot, also known as The Devilfish.

He is a World Series of Poker bracelet holder as well as a World Poker Tour champion. From working class roots The Devilfish has achieved worldwide fame and notoriety.

His early years were rough and he found himself frequently on the wrong side of the laws. Before he was thirty he was in and out of jail several times. Once was for safe cracking, another was fighting, and a third for armed robbery. Not exactly what you would expect from someone as famous as the Devilfish.

In 1990 though this all changed when Dave hooked up with Gary Whitaker. Together they took the poker world by storm. Ulliot was the player and Whitaker had the money. They travelled from casino to casino winning money at every one.

1997 was a whirlwind year for the Devilfish as he managed to knock off Men the Master in the Four Queens Poker Classic. It was at this tournament that he earned the nickname The Devilfish. Later that year he was able to capture a coveted World Series of Poker bracelet in the $2000 pot limit Texas Hold Em’ event.

The Devilfish has continued his meteoric rise and can be found playing in all the biggest tournaments around the world. He has come in the money and very close to winning a second bracelet on several occasions.

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