Double Magic is a traditional 3-reel, 1-payline mobile slot brought to you by Spin3. This simple but additctive slot is perfect for beginners, those with small bankrolls and anyone who wants the possibility of HUGE winnings!

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Double Magic is a timeless 3-reel mobile slot. Combining nostalgia and tradition, Double Magic is relaxing, easy to play and doesn’t require much concentration. Many people believe that the best things in life are still simple, and the Double Magic mobile slot, which can be played anywhere in the world, is the classic example of an ageless casino game.

Three-reel, one-payline mobile slots are the mainstay of casinos all over the world with the traditional symbols of red 7s, cherries, bars and the blue star. Double Magic consistently produces frequent winners and has some of the largest jackpots. Its simplicity provides long-lasting entertainment, whether you are waiting somewhere or just on-the-go. If you like winning often, you’re not likely to get bored of Double Magic.

The cherries are the most versatile since you only need one to win. However, the real excitement comes with the wild Blue Star symbol, which can be used to complete any winning combination. Even better, the Blue Star multiplies the payout. One star doubles the payout, and two stars quadruples the payout. Of course, three blue stars is the Double Magic Jackpot, which pays an 800 to 1 return!

Game Type: 3-reel mobile slot
Casino: Wild Jack Mobile Casino
Welcome Bonus: £5
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to £100
Other Bonus: 10% weekly cashbacks
Depositing: Credit/debit cards, NETeller, Click2Pay and Ukash.
Withdrawing: NETeller, Click2Pay, Credit Card, Cheque
iPhone / Android: No

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