Downloading Mobile Casino Games Are you confused about the costs involved with downloading & playing games on your mobile? In this article we’ll discuss what you should realistically expect to be charged by your mobile network provider for playing a typical mobile casino game on your phone.

In order to play real-money mobile casino games, your phone will need the ability to connect to the internet so that it can talk to the mobile casino’s “server”. Fortunately almost every phone nowadays is internet-ready.

A couple of years ago the mobile internet was certainly on the expensive side, but prices have come down by over 50 per cent from late last year making it very affordable. Just like some broadband providers, mobile networks limit the amount you’re allowed to download each month. If you go over this limit you may be liable for extra charges. The limits are measured in megabytes (MB), and in practical terms, 3 MB per month should be enough for 30 minutes of play everyday on your typical casino game.

Remember that the cost of connecting to the internet varies from network to network. At the time of writing, Vodafone are offering unlimited usage for £1 per day for ‘pay as you go’ customer (for information on the latest deals check here).

The Technical Part

Most mobile casinos don’t charge you for downloading and playing their games. It is your network provider that will charge you for using the internet to download and play mobile casino games. So, the first cost you’ll incur is for the one-off download of the game. The size of game files vary from 50 kilobytes (KB) to 200 KB (i.e. a small fraction of 1 MB). After this you will be charged each time the game needs to talk to the server, usually after each ‘session’ of gaming.

The amount of data transferred is usually very small (e.g. 3-4 KB) and therefore inexpensive in terms of internet data charges. Most games will also drop the internet connection after the game has communicated with the casino server to help save you money. If you’re lucky enough to own a phone with a network card (e.g. N95, Nokia) and access to a wireless router, you can use the internet for free.

In conclusion, we can see that it’s never been a better time to play casino games on your phone with cheaper deals and even faster mobile internet connections, allowing you to have an affordable & smooth gaming experience.

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