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Mobile Baccarat Lets take a brief look at some of the world’s most famous Baccarat players. For serious baccarat players, the famous names in their minds would be those of Felix Falguierein, Tommy Renzoni, Frank Scoblete, Lyle Stewart, and Akio Kashiwagi.

Falguierein was the Italian gambler who supposedly invented the baccarat during the Middle Ages. Of course, some historians would contradict this because they like to believe that the origins of baccarat went back to the ancient times.

Although there are debates to who invented baccarat in Europe, there is no question as to who brought baccarat to America. Tommy Renzoni from Cuba convinced the owner of Sands Casino in Las Vegas to open the game. It was a huge success. Renzoni is the father of American baccarat

Frank Scoblete is popular among baccarat players because his books about the game have been consulted numerous times. Lyle Stewart, on the other hand, is an inspiration. He has been the world baccarat champion for many years and his baccarat strategies are studied by players all over the world.

If Stewart is an inspiration, Kashiwagi is a warning. He was the biggest winner of baccarat, winning six million dollars in one night. A few weeks later, he lost ten million dollars.

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