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Mobile Blackjack Throughout the years, certain Blackjack players have gained a large amount of popularity due to their success and large amounts of winnings. Most of these famous players are accomplished card counters and their winnings reflect this, below is a list of the most famous blackjack players of all time.

Edward Thorp

An accomplished PhD professor of mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Edward Thorp became fascinated with blackjack and discovered a way to gain an edge over the casino, authoring a book on the subject. He eventually went on to prove his theories at several casinos in Las Vegas, and his story is dramatized in the movie “21″ and the book “Bringing Down the House.”

Ken Uston

Like Edward Thorp, Ken was drawn into blackjack by his mathematical mind. Ken formed a very successful blackjack team that won millions with his card counting technique and he was eventually barred from all the casinos and could not enter without a disguise. Apart from his professional blackjack career, he was the author of several blackjack books.

Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong, birth name John Ferguson, is an esteemed gambling author, and owner of the Pi Yee Press publishing company. Stanford Wong’s claim to fame is his popular strategy, Wonging, which is when the player only plays while the deck is favourable to him or her. This strategy is now banned in all casinos.

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