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Famous Gamblers

There have always been well known gamblers. They like to gamble and the like to gamble with big money. Famous Gamblers generally become well known either for their style of play or the massive winnings they accumulate.

Famous Gamblers Around The World

Famous Poker Players – lets take a look at a few world famous poker players.

Famous Blackjack Players – most famous Blackjack players are accomplished card counters and their winnings reflect this.

Famous Roulette Players – high risk takers are the names people talk about in Roulette, not because of any skill, but because of their large winnings.

Famous Baccarat Players – lets take a brief look at some of the world’s most famous Baccarat players.

Famous UK Poker Players – Chris Bruce from Nottingham scored first place finishes back to back at Dusk till Dawn against star-studded fields of professionals.

Dave Ulliot: Devilfish – there are many famous gamblers from the UK but without a doubt the most colourful and well known right now is Dave Ulliot.

Daniel Negreanu: Best World Poker Tour Player? – when one looks at the history of the World Poker Tour a few great names stand out. The one that outshines them all is Daniel Negreanu.

David Benyamine: Big Online Poker Winner – one of the biggest online poker winners on today’s scene is David Benyamine.

Famous Gamblers: Brief Overview – famous gamblers from further back in history.

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