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Poker Poker is one of the most common played games in casinos and it has made quite a few people rich and famous off of playing it. Lets take a look at a few world famous poker players.

One of the most famous poker players in today’s time is, twenty-two year old Peter Eastgate from Denmark. Peter became the youngest ever WSOP Main Event champion in 2008. The previous record-holder was 24.

Another famous player worth mentioning, is Phil Hellmuth. Phil Hellmuth holds eleven WSOP victories, and was once record holder for youngest champion in WSOP main event. His record was broken by Peter Eastgate in 2008.

Many other poker players are famous, but in different ways. Jennifer Tilly, for instance, is a world famous, movie starlet. She is better known for her roles in movies like “Bound”, “Bride of Chucky”, and “Liar, Liar”, with co-star Jim Cary. She is an avid poker player, and is even featured on many televised poker events.

Some other noteworthy celebrities who enjoy the game include Shannon Elizabeth, who became popular after her part in the American Pie movies, and Hollywood hunk, Ben Afleck. These are famous people who consider poker to be their second career paths.

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