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Mobile Roulette No “Hall of Fame” exists for the game of Roulette. Those who are best known are so because they made history on the roulette table. They achieved large wins or made attempts to overcome the drastic odds of the game.

From Joseph Jagger, who, in 1873, made $400,000 at the Monte Carlo casino by hiring others to keep track of which numbers hit most often, to Ashley Revell, who, in 2004, put $135,300 on red to win and walked away with $270,600.

These high risk takers are the names people talk about in roulette, not because of any skill, but because of their large winnings. One of the most famous of these gamblers was a man named Charles Wells. At the Monte Carlo casino, where several year earlier Jagger walked away with his big winnings, Wells took home 2 million Francs.

Since the beginning of the computer age, many have used the advantage of technology to help win big, and place their names in roulette history, such as Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon, two MIT students, or Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo, a Spaniard who managed to win over a million dollars with the aid of a device.

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