Flash could be the future platform for most mobile casinos.

Mobile phones are a fast changing technology — thousands of new phones are released every year with better capabilities. For mobile casinos & mobile betting operators, this means that a close eye must be kept on the latest trends to ensure that gambling software continues to work on the latest phones.

MobileJackpots.co.uk keep a close eye on how things are developing, too. Currently, all mobile casinos can be played by downloading Java applications. With the arrival of smartphones like the iPhone and Android however, some mobile casinos have started to offer web-based mobile casino games.

But what is the future platform of the mobile casino? If we use online casinos as a guide, we may conclude that it is Flash. Online casinos played through PCs had to be downloaded in the early days. However, when Flash became popular casinos started to make their casino games in Flash. Now all online casinos are Flash-based.

So Flash may be the future of the mobile casino, too. At the moment Flash is not available on most mobiles, but it is becoming more common. And when it’s common enough, the mobile casino is likely to move from Java to Flash. For punters, this means no more downloading as casinos will work through mobile internet browsers.