Gambling Gambling addiction is an incurable disorder that can become destructive on not only financial levels, but to the gambler and his or her loved ones. To much disdain, there is no known cure for gambling addiction, and there is no particular group the addiction targets.

Anyone from those with highly addictive personalities, to people who have never experienced any type of addictive qualities can become addicted to gambling.

Can you gamble without getting addicted? The short answer to this is, absolutely.

However, it is best to take a look at your family history. Has anyone in your family experienced any type of addictions? Are you, yourself, prone to becoming hooked on substances or activities? Most people generally know whether or not they possess strong willpower, so using good judgement and common sense is the best advice.

After you’ve evaluated yourself, and you still feel like going to a casino, or trying mobile casinos, tread lightly, and recognise how easy it is to become sucked in. Don’t expect to hit a jackpot, and start out playing on low denominational slot machines.

Penny machines are a popular choice for casual gamblers who like to play for the amusement, and you wont break your wallet playing. Sometimes you will even come out ahead!

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