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Gambling Around The World

Gambling is big business all over the world – here is a selection of articles and guides that take a closer look at gambling around the world.

What Is The World Poker Tour? – The World Poker Tour is mostly held in the United States, with only one event being held in Europe.

The Worlds Largest Casinos – a list of the world’s five largest casinos, proving that Las Vegas is not the only location for casino fun.

The History Of Gambling In The USA – in 1665, the first horse race and betting location was built in the US.

The History Of Gambling In The USA – Part 2 – places like Vegas have made gambling their purpose while much of the rest of the USA outlaws gambling.

Gambling Throughout History – gambling has been a part of human culture for thousands of years.

World’s Biggest Online Poker Tournament – PokerStars is the biggest online poker room having 16 million players across the world.

The Longest Games Of Poker Ever – a look at the longest continuous play and longest lasting final poker games.

Famous UK Poker Players – the UK always produces a regular contingent of poker stars and big winners.

Worlds Biggest Bingo Jackpot – some lucky bugger won £1,167,795.

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