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Being a Bingo caller is a harder job than it looks. There are important characteristics that one must have to be a bingo caller because they are a critical aspect of a successful game of bingo.

A good bingo caller requires wit, humour and a personable stage presence. The presenter should have a lot of energy because the job requires enthusiasm and sometimes long hours.

He must be able to show a love for the game. Keeping the audience laughing will make them want to keep returning to play the game. The caller is essentially an entertainer from the view of the audience members.

The announcer must either learn on the job under the supervision of colleagues or through in house training provided from the employer. They should be good at math because they will be calculating results and handling money.

The bingo caller must be able to project their voice so it is audible and clear. They also must be able to properly pronounce the numbers and letters being called to avoid confusion among the audience.

A bingo caller should have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. It is important for the presenter to understand the audience’s perspective so they should have a prior background as a bingo player.

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