There are many variations to the history of craps. According to a popular version it is said to have Arabic origins. The name craps is said to come from the Arabic words ‘al zar’ or azzah’ which mean the dice. The Arabs are said to have developed a game of dice which later spread to areas.

Another history version however claims that the history of craps stems from an old game called the Hazard. The Hazard was developed by Englishman, Sir William of Tyre around 1125 AD during the crusades. It then served as a pastime game for the knights.

The French however took up playing the game and were said to have changed the name to crabe and later craps which was a corruption of the word ‘crabs’ which was a throw of 2, the lowest score possible in the game of hazards.

It is not clear who took the game to America. Many say it was the French who were first settlers later to be displaced south by the British that introduced the game to America. Earlier British settlers may easily yet have introduced it.

It was however in America that John H Winn developed it to its modern form with tables and layouts. He introduced the option of betting against the shooter or against him. Today craps is one of the most popular gambling game and the biggest in terms of the amount waged.

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