The USA has always had a love/hate relationship with gambling. Places like Vegas have made gambling their purpose while much of the rest of the USA outlaws casinos, poker and betting. The same applies with new forms of gambling like mobile casinos, mobile phone bingo and mobile poker.

What has changed, however, is society’s level of acceptance or rejection of gambling. Indeed, it is our ever-changing attitudes toward gambling that are responsible for these three main stages of its history:

1600s to 1800s – The early settlers were divided in their beliefs about gambling. Consequently, some colonies allowed gambling and some did not. This period saw the development of lotteries.

1800s to 1900s – As settlements moved westward, mining became popular, and “gold rush fever” sent miners flooding into California. Gambling became acceptable for a time, but quickly spun out-of-control, and laws began to be imposed against some forms of gambling. This period saw the development of slot machines and the outlawing of lotteries.

1930s to Present – The great depression loosened the restrictions on gambling. Subsequent years saw legalised bingo, horse betting, and lotteries.

Alongside the legalization of some forms of gambling came the prohibitions against other kinds, and this has not changed much. Indeed, our continued ambivalence toward gambling guarantees that it will be a hotly debated issue for many years to come.

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