Gambling has been around for a very long time and dates back to the 1600’s when the Puritans began to allow cards and dice for gambling. Lotteries were formed as a form of gambling as well as betting on horse races.

Gambling In The US

Gambling In 1665, the first horse race and betting location was built in the US. Shortly after, we saw the creation of saloons that allowed casino gaming. As these grew in popularity, the early 1800’s saw luxurious casinos being built and in some places became legal ventures. In the early 1840’s, we saw the start of riverboat gambling.

Due to many scandals in the late 1840’s, most US states had prohibited the lottery and only a few states maintained the legal aspect of gambling.

In the 1800’s we saw gambling increase again and spread due to the Gold Rush in California as well as in mining camps. Laws against gambling began to get stronger and in 1885 it became illegal to gamble, but this seemed to not eliminate gambling but keep it more hidden and secret. In 1895 we saw slot machines, but the continuing troubles led to the prohibition of gambling again by 1910.

In the late 1920’s gambling was thought to be a good way to grow the economy after the crashing of the stock market. In the 1950’s bingo was legalized, but several states voted against gambling in casinos. State run lotteries came back in the late 1900’s and we currently have states now that have legal casinos, gambling, and lotteries.

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