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keno Keno is believed to have originated some 3000 years ago in ancient China. The game is said to be invented by Cheung Leung who was a ruler of the great Han Dynasty. He needed funds to support his city’s long war and so designed the early form of keno to generate cash without seemingly increasing taxes on the people.

The game caught on almost immediately. It helped fund the war and even was to later help finance the building of the great Wall of China.

The game was centred on a popular poem in China then. The poem was a method to teach how to count and was made up of 1,000 Chinese characters without repeating any of them. 120 of those characters were use in the original versions of Keno which was designed as a lottery.

The game was taken to the West by Chinese immigrant rail workers in the start of the 20th century. San Francisco was the first state in America where it was widely accepted and played. It later was to spread to other parts of the country.

The Chinese characters were reduced to 80 and then replaced with numbers to attract more American players. The game became very popular and was then called Chinese lottery.

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