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Mobile Lotteries Lotteries are probably one of the earliest forms of gambling know to man. Archaeologists have found evidence of lottery-styled games as far back as during the reigns of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Some people even argue that earlier forms of lottery dates even further to the early biblical days of Moses. It is claimed that a form of lottery was used to apportion lands among the people.

Keno which was introduced over 3,000 years ago in China was a lottery styled game created to fund a war by a ruler of that time. Keno later went on to provide funds for the building of the great China wall.

The first official lottery conducted with price money was held in Florence of Italy in 1530. England later established a lottery system in 1969. By 1612 lottery had found it way into America.

Most times lotteries are organized by federal or state governments and in many occasions they were important sources of government funds. Over the years lotteries has helped fund a number of projects. Governments, institutions, universities and even the church has at various times used lottery as a means to generate income to fund necessary expenses and expansion.

The first state organized lottery in the US was in New Hampshire, 1964. There are presently 38 states in the US with lottery programs. The proceeds from which are used to take care of many projects such as education, elderly care or even economic development.

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