Texas Hold’em has grown to be the world’s most popular poker game. Our series of guides continues with the history of Texas Hold’em.

A version of the original poker game is known as Texas Hold’em. As its name suggests, the game of Texas Hold’em originated in the state of Texas in the 1900′s. In addition, it is a very entertaining and fun game.

Furthermore, the game is one of the most popular card poker games around. New innovations like mobile poker have only continued this trend in recent years. Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular games played at Aces Royal and bwin Mobile.

The game of Texas Hold’em is the most prevalent version of poker that is played in the casinos in the United States today. It was first introduced in the casino setting in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino. Once playing the game in the casino and sharpening your skills, you can go on to play in tournaments.

Texas Hold’em is also played in tournaments. The game was first brought into the tournament facet by an individual by the name of Benny Binion. In fact, it is now the main event at poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

Since its conception in the 1900′s, Texas Hold’em has grown tremendously in popularity. Today, it can be played on the internet, and more recently we can all enjoy a game of mobile poker on our phones.