Stay ahead of the pack with mobile betting – get up to date statistics and results before placing a bet through your mobile.

Mobile Betting Horse racing and horse race betting are complex activities that many enjoy on different levels. Many fans want to be able to expect some good returns (winning days) without having to devote too much time to learning the sport or the skill of handicapping.

When you hear of horse racing betting systems, it normally implies an easy set of calculations that give the horse player a pick to go to. These mechanical simplifications do not work in the long term. If there was a true system for picking winners in horse racing then we would all be big winners. So, do horse racing betting system really work?

It is better to learn something about the sport and about the art of handicapping, then make smart selections on that basis.

Given that, there are a few things that can point out plays that can pay well while having a good chance of coming in. A good horse player notes the past 10 races of a given horse and looks for opportunities. One such opportunity is to spot a horse that was running at longer-distance (over one mile) through most of his career, then after a period of inactivity has returned and run in a sprint race.

Often this type of horse will fail in the sprint race; however, the race is really a workout to prepare the horse for his real speciality. When you spot this kind of horse, do not be dismayed at the poor recent sprint. This is the type of bet that can pay handsomely!

Try your hand a spotting a pattern in the Royal Derby horse racing simulation game for mobiles. If you think you are ready for the real thing then place a bet with Ladbrokes, Bwin or Betfred – all through your mobile!

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