Mobile Betting – pick your sport, place a bet and collect your winnings all through your mobile phone!

The internet has revolutionised the nature of traditional betting markets. The term betting exchange is a modern form of bookmaking that is comparable to the financial stock exchange.

Betting exchanges allow person to person betting, through allowing traders to bet on a wide range of sports betting markets. People can either bet for or against the outcome. They can bet any amount on betting exchanges.

The only criterion is that somebody should match your bet for that amount. Thus, the betting exchange effectively makes bets between two people or clients. There is no need for a book keeper. This is similar to the way people can buy or sell shares from each other without actually contacting the company.

In the traditional betting, you had to approach a bookie to place a bet and your bet was covered by the bookie. In betting exchanges you place a bet against other people and they cover your bet. Similarly if you lose, that money will be used to cover your opponents bet.

The betting exchange, like the stock exchange, merely connects interested parties. It is thus like a friendly bet that you may have with a friend during the neighbourhood football match.

The betting exchange allows you to decide the amount you want to bet and also maximizes winnings by cutting out the book keeper charges. This makes betting exchanges popular. Ladbrokes Mobile, William Hill Mobile and Bwin Mobile all let you place sports bets through your mobile phone.