All mobile gambling services offer you a variety of ways to deposit funds into your mobile phone gambling account, including Credit/Debit cards, premium rate SMS, Neteller, and UKash. This is a brief introduction to the most common mobile payment services accepted by many mobile casinos, mobile betting services and mobile phone bingo games.

Mobile Payments Using Your Credit Card

You’ll be hard pressed to find a mobile casino that doesn’t allow you to deposit using your credit card. You can register your card within games, but if you find the process of entering long pieces of information on your phone, consider using the casino’s website to register your card. You can then deposit when ever you like with the click of a single button. With recent advancements in mobile phone internet security like 128-bit encryption, using your credit card on your phone is just as secure as online website payments. Funds are available in your account instantly upon successful payment.

Pay Through Your Mobile Phone Bill (Premium Rate SMS)

The majority of mobile casino operators allow you to make payments using your phone’s airtime credit. Payments are taken by your network from your credit in the form of a charge-able SMS. This is a safe and secure payment option as there is zero risk of charge-backs or fraud. Premium SMS (PSMS) is available to both contract and pay-as-you-go players and supports all network providers. The downside of PSMS is that making large deposits is usually not possible, with the maximum most commonly £6 or so. When you’ve made a deposit you’ll be sent a ‘reverse SMS’ to your phone. It is upon receiving this message that your phone bill is charged. Sometimes you will receive a number of messages to make up the amount you deposited (e.g. if you deposit £6 you may be sent 4 individual £1.50 messages).

Mobile Payments with Ukash

Some casinos offer you the ability to use a UKash voucher to fund your account. To obtain a Ukash voucher, find a local shop (like a newsagents) where you see the PayPoint, PayZone or E-Pay signs, and swap real cash for a voucher. Getting Ukash is instant as there’s no registration process. The voucher will have a 19-digit number which you can use online to make payments. Spending Ukash is just much like spending cash – safe, quick and easy. There’s no registration and no hidden fees. If you want to deposit less than the value of your voucher you’ll be given a new 19-digit number by your the casino.

Mobile Payments Using Neteller

Neteller is a lot like credit card but for online payments. To deposit using Neteller you’ll need to open a Neteller account. You can register one at After choosing the Neteller option in your mobile casino game, enter the amount you wish to deposit along with your Neteller account and security code. It takes a few seconds for the deposit to be approved.

All of these methods of depositing money into a mobile phone casino have a good track record for being safe and secure; just pick an option that suits you best.

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