Downloading a mobile casino game to your handset is straight forward. To help you we will look at the most common ways to download and install a game to your mobile phone. We expect mobile casino games to be the most popular choice but the same applies to all forms of mobile phone gambling.

Download Mobile Casino Games

Most mobile casinos provide three options for you to begin the process:

Request a download through a website:

Go to the mobile casino’s website using your PC, find a game that you like, enter your mobile number, and press send! Click here to see Ladbrokes’ version of this option for downloading Roulette. Some websites may provide an option for you to check whether your phone is compatible with your chosen game before you start downloading. Read more about Ladbrokes Mobile Casino.

Start at a WAP site:

Use your phone’s web browser to visit the casino’s WAP site (e.g. type to view WinAsUGo’s). A WAP site is a website just like this one but it is designed to be viewed on mobile phones. Once you’re on the site request a mobile casino game just like you would on a normal site as described above.

Use an SMS shortcode:

Send an SMS with a keyword to a ‘shortcode’. For example, text “FOXY” to 84142 to get FoxyBingo’s mobile version of Bingo. Most reputable mobile casinos will not charge you for this.

I’ve requested a mobile casino game – what happens next?

The mobile casino will now send you an SMS or a WAP Push for you to begin the actual download a game. This can take a couple of minutes. Once you’ve got the message you’ll notice it has a link inside it which you should select and open. It’s at this point that the mobile casino will send you the actual game – in the form of a Java file.

Your phone may now display a security warning. It is safe to ignore this provided you are downloading from a well-known brand. Your phone will now download the mobile casino game file and install it. Once complete look in the ‘Applications’ or ‘Games’ section of your phone. Find the game and open it to start playing.