The UK has been in love with Bingo for many years. New players are always interested in learning how to play. Here is a simple how to play Bingo guide.

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Learn How To Play Bingo
Players purchase cards with 3 horizontal lines, 9 vertical lines, with a total of 27 boxes. Each horizontal line has 5 numbers, and 4 blank spots. Numbers range from 1-90 or 1-75: the first column holds numbers ranging from 1-9, second column 10-19, and so on for each of the 9 columns. Usually players will buy a book of 6 cards, containing all 90 numbers possible, just in different variations.

Numbers are called out, either by an electronic random number generator, or they are randomly selected by other means. The players will mark on their cards or boards the numbers that match the numbers being called. All numbers have a nickname or slang names. Some callers use these, and some do not. The most common nicknames are “Kelly’s Eye” meaning the number “1″, “Leg’s Eleven” or “11″, and “Top of the Shop” meaning “90.”

Winning bingo is simple. Players may get a “line” meaning they have matched the numbers on one of the horizontal line. Or they can win “two lines” which means they have covered or matched all the numbers on two lines of the same ticket. And finally, “full house” meaning all numbers on the card have been matched.

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