Deal Or No Deal came to our screens on Channel 4 and was an instant hit. There is also an online version of Deal Or No Deal and a Deal Or No Deal mobile slots game too.

The rules of Deal or No Deal

There is only one contestant per game, chosen at random. The contestant, after being chosen, joins the host, on stage, and from there chooses at random one case. The contestant then tries to make the most money by either accepting offers from the banker, or declining.

Round one begins and six cases are opened; they are chosen by the contestant. The banker makes an offer to the contestant based on the cases opened. Since the amount in each case ranges from £0.01 to £1,000,000 the ideal situation, for the contestant, is to open cases with the lowest amount, as that would, in turn, raise the bankers offer, since the banker goal, in all of this, is to convince the contestant to leave with the lowest offer.

Rounds continue in a similar fashion, with each round opening and eliminating cases. Each round the number of cases the contestant has to open decreases by one.

In the event that the contestant opens his chosen case before he is told to do so, he/she is immediately eliminated, and all prizes are void. The game is not aired. If any other fraud is detected, or if the contestant was not qualified to be a contestant, money and prizes may not be given, or contestant may be demanded to immediately return all prizes.

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