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Jacks Or Better is a time-honoured game that requires very little setup, and can in fact be simply carried in your pocket!

Gently throw the ten jacks out onto the playing surface – the further spread they are, the more difficult the game will be. Toss the ball into the air, pick up one jack, and catch the ball. However, you must do this all with just one hand! If the ball hits the ground or you do not succeed in picking up a jack, your turn is over, and the ball is passed to the next player. If you do succeed, continue to throw the ball and pick up the jacks one at a time until all ten jacks have been collected. You have just completed onesies!

Spread the jacks out again, and repeat, this time picking up two jacks for each throw of the ball. This round is called twosies, and can be a bit harder, depending on how far apart the jacks are spread, but it isn’t until sixsies and sevensies that you’ll really start to struggle.

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Any time your turn ends and play passes to the next person, you go back to the beginning of the round you were on. For example, if you don’t catch the ball when you’ve already picked up the first four jacks in foursies, on your next turn you start foursies with all ten jacks on the playing surface.

The game ends and a winner is declared when someone has finished tensies.

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