Mobile Lotteries – a lottery you can play through your mobile phone.

The lottery odds are great when you look at them on paper. In fact, looking at those odds may dissuade you from playing. There are several methods you can try to improve your odds.

Pick numbers that are not as likely to be chosen by others on a regular basis. People often use the numbers from birth dates and this increases the possibility that you may have to share the jackpot with others. The number 19 for example, is often used because it is part of many players birth year. The “quick pick” option offers randomly generated sets of numbers and may increase your odds of having a unique set of numbers.

There are programs designed to help you pick lottery numbers, using methods such as predicting patterns and statistics. Lottery software is available to randomly generate the numbers, rather than have the lottery computer do it for you.

Some people form teams, a group of people who pool their money to buy more sets of numbers. If one set wins, they split the jackpot between them, gaining a considerable return in some instances. This method only slightly increases the odds of winning and sharing a jackpot may become a difficult situation if not handled properly.

Strategies may improve your lottery odds, though are not likely to. However, for only £1.00, where else can you buy a shot at becoming a millionaire?

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