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Mobile Betting Cricket betting involves much more than placing a bet on the favourite team. For those who are new to betting, there are some basic fundamentals to be aware of before placing a bet.

Weather. One of the most important factors of cricket is the weather. Make sure to take this into consideration when placing a bet. Also consider the playing conditions, as they will affect the outcome of any cricket match.

Form. Make sure to learn about the two teams that will be playing. Review how they have been playing how often they are winning. It is important to be aware of any injuries on the team. If a team has their star batter out on injury, you may want to carefully consider placing a bet on that team.

Conditions. It is suggested to be aware of the playing field and the condition of the field. This factor can have a huge impact in the game. Do some research before cricket betting to make sure you have the best odds when placing a wager.

As mentioned, the weather can have a serious impact on the game. Rain and bad lighting are the two greatest factors that can impede play. Always check the weather forecasts before placing a bet.

Many people overlook these important factors and just bet on a favourite team. The key to successful cricket betting is taking the time to learn of all the factors that play a part in the outcome of the game.

By following these basic rules, it is easier to assess the type of bets available and to place an informed bet on a cricket match.

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