Enjoy watching Formula 1 on TV? Why not whip out your mobile phone and place a bet from the comfort of your favourite chair. Place a mobile bet with Ladbrokes or Bwin.

Mobile Betting Formula 1 betting has become very popular in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most obvious being Formula 1 racing is exciting and very competitive.

Formula 1 betting is all about placement and odds. That is, you can place a bet on who comes in first and wins, how a particular racer places, or the order of the top finishers. The amount of money you win – and your chances of success – will be based on odds.

Odds are, of course, how likely it is a particular racer will win. A top racer may have odds of 1 – 1 whereas a dark horse could have odds of 200 – 1. If the top pay wins, the pay off would certainly be less than the 200 – 1 shot.

However, the odds of the top racer winning are more likely. But, as most people who wager know, long shots do occasionally come in. They can also deliver huge pay offs.

What is also interesting about Formula 1 racing betting is that there are two races you can bet on. These two races are the qualifying race and the actual race itself. This is not a bad deal since it doubles your opportunities to win.

All of this adds to the growing popularity of Formula 1 betting which will ensure this pastime will be around for many more years to come.

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