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Mobile Betting There are two principal ways to bet on ice hockey games: game outcome and over/under.

For example, Colorado is playing New York, and you see “Colorado -120.” The favourite will generally have a minus sign, while the underdog will have a plus sign (if the number is different). The number represents the price on the bet. Using a basic betting unit of $100, you would have to bet $120 on Colorado, the favourite, to win $100. However, a winning $100 bet on New York would earn you $120.

The over/under is a bet on the combined number of goals both teams will score in the game. For example, the over/under is set at 5.5. If you bet the over and six or more goals are scored, you win. If five or fewer goals are scored, you lose.

Some betting agencies also offer proposition (“prop”) bets. You may also be able to place bets on whether a designated player will score a goal in the game, a goalie will post a shutout, the game will go to overtime or a shootout etc. Bets can also be placed on the outcome of a playoff series.

Prior to the start of the NHL season, you can also bet on which team will eventually win the Stanley Cup.

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