You can bet on tennis using your mobile phone – we call it mobile betting! Try mobile betting on a tennis match with Ladbrokes Mobile Betting, William Hill Mobile, Bwin Mobile Betting and Bet365 Mobile.

Mobile Betting There are several options to choose from when placing a tennis bet. Tennis match bets are the simplest type of tennis betting. All you have to do is pick the winner of a certain match and you will be paid according to the listed odds.

For matches between two players of different abilities, handicap bets are available. A handicap bet adds a specified number of games to the weaker player’s score. The odds given for a handicap tennis bet are generally lower than those given for a straight match bet.

Set betting gives a you the option of wagering on the final score of a tennis match based on total sets won by each player. You can also bet on the winner of one specific set.

Some bookmakers also offer tennis betting based on the total number of games each player wins. For tournament play, you can usually bet on the eventual winner of the entire tournament.

Each player is assigned odds based on their ability and chances of winning. Successfully picking a long shot to win a tennis tournament can produce quite a large payoff for a small risk.

We’ve covered the basics of tennis betting, now whip out your mobile phone and give mobile sports betting a try!

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